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The buzz about Little Green

“After hearing about Johnson and Johnson on the news. I decided to try a new shampoo & body wash for my son. I tried some natural products, but I did not like the terrible smell they had and the residue feelings that was left on his skin. Then I tried Little Green and absolutely loved it! It has a great scent and leaved my son's skin feeling so soft! I am lucky to have found a perfect shampoo and body wash for my son! Little Green is perfect for us!”

Jennifer M
New Mom & First Grade Teacher

“The product ingredients and the packaging (not only functionality but aesthetically pleasing to my bathrooms).I love the entire product line. I use both of the baby products- shampoo/body wash & lotion on my children. My one daughter has very sensitive skin, some dry patches & the products have really helped out! The detangler works wonders for daughter it's curly, knotty hair! The new soothing balm is used by the entire family!! Each child carries it with them in their backpacks to school, & I do not leave home w/out it. Thanks!”

Kellie G
Glen Mills, PA

“I absolutely have fallen in love with the Little Green product line! I have already passed along the website to all of the mothers I know! I feel absolutely comforted knowing that it is extremely safe to use on my new born\'s face and body! I wish I had come across this product line sooner--when I had my first child! Thanks for making such an amazing product and such a great smelling one too!!!”

IdaDomanico, Mother of 3
Maple, Canada Ontario

“My daughter had bad eczema and craddle cap since birth and I tried everything to get rid of it. I tried the Little Green shampoo and body wash for babies and within a few weeks, it all cleared up! It's the only thing I use now. I love it!”

Marisa Eytalis
Las Vegas, NV

“Received the body wash and the body lotion samples todays at my doctors office and I absolutely fell in love with them. I love the light scent and OMG the body lotion made my skin feel wonderful.”

Andover, NJ

“When I heard about other 'baby' products and how toxic they are I was shocked and disgusted. That is what new mothers are given when they leave the hospital and it's filled with toxins! I threw it all away and went on a mission to find something safer for my babies. I found that in Little Green. My children are my life and I only want the best for them. This product line is thoughtful and caring. It also works wonders and smells great. My newborn uses the baby lotion and wash and my toddler uses the lotion, wash and detangler for kids. The detangler is AMAZING for his unruly curls, which I refuse to cut. Both of my children have sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to this soothing line. Thank you Little Green for caring! ”

Keri Matthews, Mother of 2 | NEW HAMPTON, NH

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