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Plastic Bank’sTM is a global organization taking a unique approach to cleaning up and ridding the ocean of plastic waste. Plastic Bank’sTM is preventing over two billion plastic bottles from entering our oceans.

Little Green & Plastic Bank® GLOBAL partners making a GLOBAL impact.

Beauty without Bunnies

  • Little Green has partnered with PETA​
  • Neither Little Green nor any of our suppliers conduct, commission or pay for any tests on animals and it is our commitment not to do so in the future.​
  • Our formulations do not contain any animal products, animal by-products or animal derivatives and support those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle.​

We are thoughtful in our selection of materials and continue to explore alternative methods to minimize our carbon footprint, including:

  • Reduced waste in the course of manufacturing and distribution.​
  • Cardboard compacted for recycling.​

We consciously balance esthetics with a selection of environmentally-responsible materials for all packaging​

  • The initial steps in our long-term plan include a significant reduction in plastic for all gift-set packaging.​

We minimize our power consumption​

  • Our corporate facility integrates 2200 solar panels, generating a substantial portion of power requirements for the company, reducing the indirect greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and water pollution.​

We are conscious of our environmental impact​

  • Understanding the detriment non-biodegradable bottles and cans have on the environment, we reduced bottle and can vending machines from our facilities and replaced them with water bottle filling stations.​