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Cradle Cap Care

Gentle scalp exfoliant with Salicylic Acid and Shea Butter to remove cradle cap flakes and ease discomfort. 1.5 oz.

  • Safe, Gentle, Pure
  • Formulated for Sensitive Skin
  • Clinically & Dermatologist Tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No Parabens, No Allergens, No Sulfates
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in the USA
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Useful product
By rupali k

“Its great product.”

Works wonders
By Jenny

“After realizing my baby was developing cradle cap it was great to know there was a product out there that could really take care of it. Little Green Craple Cap Care is so easy to use. We don't know what we would do without it!”

cradle cap removal is great!
By Ginger Cantrell

“Bought this product and found a needing customer. Gave this product to use and report back. They love this product! Clear scalp!”

Very impressed
By Toni

“I bought this for my 3 month old grandson who was just developing cradle cap. After just a couple of uses we noticed a big difference. It worked great and The fragrance is very pleasant.”