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Discover the newest addition to our Little Green family of products


Super foaming bubbles for longer, safer tub time fun!

  • Gentle formula for sensitive areas
  • Formulated without Sulfates, Parabens, and Gluten
  • Fragrance Free

Long Lasting
Foamy Bubbles

Ultimate big, beautiful, non-irritating bubbles! Now that's the way to make bath time fun last!

What parents love for their children

Pick your favorite!



Fragrance-free, non-irritating formula is safe for sensitive areas. Nourishing, super-foaming bubble bath cleanses without stripping moisture from skin.

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Curly Hair Cream will calm, define and control frizzy, young curls and waves. Delicate locks will spring into action with a stronger, softer bounce.

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Perfect for chapped lips, cheeks, and dry patches. This lightweight balm is formulated with Beeswax and Jojoba to moisturize and nourish.

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Tips & Tricks

The perfect bedtime bath routine for you and your kids

Let's face it, kids sleeping habits are unpredictable. Sometimes they sleep a lot, sometimes, not so much. You can help yourself, and your little one get the sleep they need with this simple bedtime routine. Start this routine today, and enjoy your sleep tonight!

Step 1 Give your kids a warm, soothing bubble bath with Ultra-Gentle Bubble Bath

Step 2 Follow with a relaxing body massage using Nourishing Body Lotion

Step 3 Finish with a loving snuggle before you put them down for the night.



Looking for more than 5 minutes to do your own hair? Easy looks to get you and your little one out the door without stress

Mommy Testimonials

The Little Green Lice Guard System is a must-have. After about 2 weeks of using the products on my son, his whole class came down with lice. Every single kid in the class had lice but him. He is autistic and if he had gotten lice, we’d have to shave his head because he would not have been able to sit still to remove the lice. Only one in the class who was 100% clear! It is worth the money. Get 2.  

Tabitha Willette

I love the Soothing Balm. I use it on my daughter’s skin because she has eczema. I rub it in on her spots and even around her eyes, which are her sensitive areas. It works great because it soothes her skin and makes it soft. It just works. I love it!

Shirley Martinez

Last year when I was at Babypalooza, I got Little Green Soothing Balm in my bag and I have been using it ever since. It is great because it works on kids and parents.  It is easy to use, packs well, and the kids love it because they think it’s a toy and can apply it themselves. Anything I can use and the kids can use A+ !

Sandra Negron

I have been using Little Green Soothing Balm for about 3-4 months and I love it because you can just pop off the lid and roll it on. Great for a rash, heat rash, great all around. Super easy to use, not greasy, gentle so I am super happy with the product. 

Beltkiss Sanborn

Last year we took the travel kit with us on vacation and it was genius. It had the shampoo and body wash, and lotion which was really convenient. We also put the Little Green Soothing Balm in our bag so my daughter could just take it out and use it the whole day. When she felt like her skin was getting dry, she could just rub it on. We were scared she was going to get her eczema back because her skin is very sensitive. Rubbing the balm on her face and on her body worked perfectly

I like the lotion. It feels good and is not sticky and dries fast, so you feel comfortable even in the hottest weather.    

Ibeth Rodriguez

“I just tried the Little Green Nourishing Body Lotion and I love it. It doesn’t have a strong scent so it’s perfect for those who are sensitive to smell. It’s velvety and smooth and soaks in right away. My hands feel fantastic and the baby loves it. Definitely recommend trying this out!”

Alaina Nelis
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