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Homework Rescue 101

Homework time can be really challenging, especially getting little ones to focus.
Here are a few techniques that will help you and your child get thru the challenges of online education:

Lil Lessons Homework 1187 Views

Tip #1: Feet Flat on the Ground

Feet should always be flat on the ground while a child is studying or doing homework. Try a low table or kitchen table where they can reach the floor. A kitchen island is not recommended as their feet cannot touch the ground.

Tip #2: Start with the least difficult homework task

Once a child successfully completes a task, they will feel proud and want to continue.

Tip #3: Take a Motion Break every 30-45 minutes

Younger children require more frequent breaks. Set any timer you have with an alarm (phone/microwave) and when it goes off, show your children your best dance moves, do jumping jacks, run in place; anything that gets them moving. Enjoy the moment and be silly! A motion break should be no longer than 10 minutes.

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You contact us with your questions, challenges or parenting tips at @lillessonslearned
and we will post information to share with all of our parents.